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  • A Fond Farewell! Dear Friends of Faith, how I love you and will miss you! When I began my work here (on April Fools day!), I began it with a Maundy Thursday invitation to take off our shoes, recognize that all of us stand on humble footing, and love each other “stinky feet and all,” because that’s... [read more]
  • A Year of Blessing When have you been blessed? How did you know? Doug was blessed when his Prince of Peace and Arlee folks threw him a farewell party, sang him a song, and told him how he had touched their lives. I’m blessed when Doug makes dinner, hugs me, and tells me he loves me. I knew we’d bl... [read more]
  • A Faith-Full Reformation500   “It was a time of turmoil, lust and power,” the Luther Rock Opera (yes, there is such a thing!) vocalists sing of Martin Luther’s college years in the early 1500’s. Not so different from our day, eh? The Roman Catholic church of Luther’s time was led by no... [read more]
  •       I ran into a friend checking out at Safeway yesterday and asked how it’s going. “Running!” He told me, shaking his head. “Well, I hope you enjoy what you’re doing!” I grinned. We are speedy folk! As I write in the dog days of August, I’m ALREADY feeling pressure to be fully prepared when sc... [read more]
  • Way to Go!   As I write, I’m listening to grandparents struggling with their toddler. Over and over, they say, “Don’t do this! Don’t do that! No, Mikey! No, No, No!” Personally, I love how Luther explains and turns the Commandments from a list of no, no’s into an invitation to come to... [read more]
  • Pausing at the Station(s) I’ve been thinking about “stations” lately. The station I visit most often sells gas. I stop there to refuel one tank and empty another. On long trips, we stretch and scrounge food and drink. With kids and dogs along, gas stations and rest stops are recreational, too. T... [read more]
  • “Not my will, but yours, be done.” So are you tired of hearing I don’t swim? Well, I’m learning! My growing edge this week is the side stroke: learning to let my hands be paddles, to allow my body to be straight, to exert as efficiently as I can, then, finally, to allow the water to support me and ... [read more]