Pray for Our Military

Please remember our family and friends that have joined the military and are defending our country each and every day. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Especially remember those close to our Faith Lutheran family.

Capt. Timothy Hawes, nephew of Troy and Kerry Hanson, Air Force, serving in the Middle East

Mike Hebert, grandson of Don & Shirley McGourty, US Army, serving in Colorado Springs, CO

Lt. Col. Timothy Spaulding, nephew of John Trangmoe, 412th Operations Group, 412th Test Wing, Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Master Sgt. Andy Wetzsteon, son of Susan & Lonnie Wetzsteon, serving at Nelli’s AFB, Las Vegas, NV

Anna Mitteness, granddaughter of Morrie & Ann Mitteness, Cpl US Marines Corps. Now at the Marine Station in Yuma, AZ, doing communications repair.

Capt. Alex Stephens, MD, grandson-in-law of Dale and Clairice Brady, serving at Ft. Campbell Hospital

Capt. Kyle Frazer, son of Larry & Nancy Hansen, serving at Fort Polk, LA.

Master Sergeant Will Rollefson, nephew of Larry Hansen, Special Forces, Seattle, WA.

Keep our Military Family in Prayer.

  • Please keep us updated with location changes and current photos for our bulletin board and the Faith Herald, where we list them monthly.
  • Care for Military Families
  • American Legion EmblemThe American Legion supports the families of deployed servicemen and women through care packages to spouses and kids left at home.
  • Please contact Sharon Klakken of the American Legion (406-544-8774) or let the Church Office know if you are, or if you know of, such a family to access this helpful service.