Faith Lutheran

Tulip Dedications

Thank you to all of you who purchased the beautiful tulips for worship!!! Brenda Satrum, for our Grandparents Cliff & Nancy Marks, for our Parents Paul and Tracy Walczak, for Stanley and Helen Walczak Sally Porter, for Gwen, Nick, and Gary Porter Judy Wilson, for Cheryl W. The Wintergersts, for The Persecuted Church Helen, for

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Lent and Holy Week Thank You!!!

Musicians: Scott Southwick, Samantha Fife, Lina, Ross, Celeste, Tom, Amber Projection: Scott and Rod Stations of the Cross Artists (listed front page) Support: Heather Wintergerst, cheerful and competent in the office! And Celeste, keeping everything and everybody on track Deb Cathey: organizing soup suppers Rick Brown: arranging speakers for Our Neighbors Faith Carol Mitchell: extra

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Easter Breakfast

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Thrivent Financial and all those who helped in big ways and small to make the Easter breakfast a success, especially chef Terry Smith, and helpers Dean & Sandy Drake, Judy Wilson, Helen Volden, Deb Cathey, Clairice Brady, Linda Beyer, Amy Boelman, Jenn Dunn, Lyn & Bob Mckee, Ross

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Har-Shalom Thank You

I very much enjoyed talking with your congregation and I hope I answered their questions. To get a really good idea of what Judaism is all about, I highly recommend you all attend a service at Har Shalom. After the service I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Our website is

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