Remembered in Prayer

Remembering in Prayer


Remember in Prayer…


Battling Cancer:  Laurel, Betty Tudahl, Jim Bice, Jonathan Syme, Todd Schiffman’s sister, Betty, Laura, Carol Conyngham, Kristie Parker, Janeen Brookie & Bill Martens in Missoula.

Restoration of Health:   Valerie, Nancy, and Charles.

Health, Comfort & Healing for Ray’s  soul and mind, Ann recovering from a broken hip, Rick (not Brown,) Jim Carrington, Florence Pallett and Karen Heggen, and for Service providers who give help and support to those who are hurting.

Prayers for:Jacob Bachman, George Davis, Lee as he battles MS, Steve Wilson, Logan Sons, Jaycie Chambers, Fran Bennett, & family and friends of Les Beers.

The Beehive: Morry & Ann Mitteness

Valley View: Doris Koch, Ruth Dillon

Home Nursing Care: Larry Pyle, LaVonne Beers, Virginia Rotering

Discovery Care: Bob Mathison