Testimonials archives

  • Camp Rally Day Thanks! What a joyous morning Worship!!!   Thanks, youth and musicians for leading us in singing your favorite camp songs.   And thanks, Pastors Brenda & Doug for the yummy rolls!
  • Thank you to all of you who purchased the beautiful tulips for worship!!! Brenda Satrum,  for our Grandparents Cliff & Nancy Marks,  for our Parents Paul and Tracy Walczak ,  for Stanley and Helen Walczak Sally Porter, for Gwen, Nick, and Gary Porter Judy Wilson, for Cheryl W. ... [read more]
  • Dear Faith Lutheran Congregation, Thank you so much for your generous donation of $100.   We are preparing for a busy Easter weekend including a Church sleepover with the kids and Sunday breakfast.   We pray your Easter is blessed as well. Susan Sutherland, Our Savior’s Lutheran, Rocky Boy... [read more]
  • Lent and Holy Week Thank You!!! Musicians: Scott Southwick, Samantha Fife, Lina, Ross, Celeste, Tom, Amber Projection: Scott and Rod Stations of the Cross Artists (listed front page) Support: Heather Wintergerst, cheerful and competent in the office! And Celeste, keeping everything and e... [read more]
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you to Thrivent Financial and all  those who helped in big ways and small to make the Easter breakfast a success, especially chef Terry Smith, and helpers Dean & Sandy Drake, Judy Wilson, Helen Volden, Deb Cathey, Clairice Brady, Linda Beyer, Amy Boelman, Jenn Dunn, L... [read more]
  • I very much enjoyed talking with your congregation and I hope I answered their questions.   To get a really good idea of what Judaism is all about, I highly recommend  you all attend a service at Har Shalom.   After the service I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Our website is... [read more]
  • Thanks for Continuing Education! Just so you know: pastors and associates in ministry are required as professionals in the church to attend continuing education events aimed at keeping ourselves up-to-date and engaged in learning that stimulates thought and benefits our work. In fact, both Celest... [read more]