Leaving Room

“Don’t forget to leave room for dessert!” What sweet words from the best of holiday meals…or from summer suppertimes when there’s fresh peach pie in the oven.

I’ve never been good at leaving room—room in my schedule, room on my shelves, or room in my tummy. I love to fill the time of my life with doings, quiet moments with music, hunger with food. And I’m never more tempted to stuff myself on every count than Christmas! My hopes are so high for joy, companionship, gift-giving and receiving—that I spend time, abilities, and finances (sometimes beyond my means) to fill myself and others.

I forget to leave room.

Spiritual leaders speak often about leaving room in our lives. Nearly 2000 years ago, St. Augustine wrote, “Our hearts are restless till they rest in thee,” alluding to our endless search for something or someone to fill the unrelenting longings of our soul.

I am insatiable. So are you. We cannot be satisfied.

On this side of eternity, neither you or I will ever be full, no matter how much we stuff ourselves and how much we spend to do it. We can set our eyes on the Christ-child, God’s love and life enfleshed in Jesus then and forever, YET faith in Christ is about trusting him even though we don’t feel full, happy, secure, or whatever it is we’re hoping for on earth now.

This Christmas, “don’t forget to leave room for dessert.”

After all, the best of our holy-day moments are just samples of God’s holiday feast that will finally fill us and more on the other side. Relax! We needn’t pile all our hopes and dreams on our plates this year or any year. DO enjoy the gifts set before you this season—every day, every moment. And try not to be disappointed when you rise from your Christmas tables unsatisfied. You should be!

God’s got dessert waiting.   ~Pastor Brenda