• Faith Lutheran Church

    • ALL are Welcome! "God so loved THE WORLD...!"

    • Faith

    • ...we enjoy a growing trust in the God we meet through Jesus Christ.

    • Lutheran

    • ...like our founder Martin Luther, we love the God we meet in the Bible: the God who created us, loves us, and has a purpose for our lives -- and yours!

    • Church

    • ...we gather to learn, play, and journey together toward REAL life.

    • Come and Worship

    • "Love the Lord your God!"

Faith Lutheran Church is a family of God built on love: Worshiping, Welcoming, and Serving in Christ's Name

Our Mission Values

  • All Are Welcome

  • Jesus welcomed all people with no distinction.  He taught, healed, ate, prayed, and wept with his friends—and so do we. Whether you come once or for a lifetime, you are fully welcome here, part of the family. You belong, just as you are.

  • Worshipping Together

  • We gather weekly for Sabbath, as have God’s people for millennia, to sing, pray, wrestle with God and others, and share a meal of forgiveness and freedom. We lean on ancient prayers and creeds and freely enjoy new styles and expressions of prayer and praise.

  • Service to Others

  • God provides all we need. Made in God's image, we also provide for others near and far. From cups of coffee to quilts flown 'round the world to the Habitat House down the street, Faith's members and friends answer the call to serve.

News, Events, & Celebrations

  • Ongoing
  • ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL: A Simple Life-Changing Prayer OR Experiencing God Seven Weeks w/PB beginning January 7 Gather and decide on January 7: We didn’t finish Experiencing God last year— and it’s a great study to renew and review, a truly wonderful opportunity for new attenders to check our culture... [read more]
  • Expired
  • PANCAKE FUNDRAISER Fill up for a cause after worship! Faith’s funeral reception fund has dipped a little low, and our donations for this Thrivent-Sponsored carb-fest will help out families struggling to fund their loved-ones’ memorial celebrations. Thanks to the Bradys for Living Generously!
  • Ongoing
  • Celebrate Long Service and New Members, Sunday January 28 Carol Mitchell has quietly and faithfully served as chief servant of Faith’s altar for longer than she probably cares to remember! We’ll take time to honor this special member of our congregation and community. THANK YOU, CAROL!!!! (And Al... [read more]

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